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Ambassador Bogdan

My rival is to help talents acquire their creative vision, feel, extract and express. After all, the vision is always ahead of the embodiment.

Master Diana

Expert Andrey

My rival is to develop professional flexibility, the ability to approach tasks creatively and find non-standard solutions. After all, if to be like everyone else, then why to be at all?

Master Roman

My rival is to develop unity, character and professional attitude in my environment. After all, self-confidence is usually born when others support you.

Master Aleksandr

My rival is to help others not to be afraid to express their individuality, to demonstrate their essence in the outside world without stereotypes and assessments. After all, the purpose of our lives is self-expression.

Master Aleksandr

My rival is to introduce organization, accuracy and thoroughness into the creation process, modifying every detail. After all, laziness hasn't created any masterpieces.

Master Egor

Master George

My rival is to charge others with his inexhaustible vitality, optimism and the ability to give oneself. After all, what will be our environment, it depends on us.

Master Levon

My rival is to foster the qualities of persistence and perseverance in my environment. After all, those, who don't give up, create something no one believes in.